6 Legal Ways to Get Amazon Prime for Free

Aside from the obvious 30-day free Prime trial, there exists some highly clever ways to get free Amazon Prime. Even the most loyal Amazon shoppers have no idea many of these hacks exist.

From credit card and cell phone companies offering a free Prime membership, to Amazon themselves giving you a free Prime extension in certain circumstances, these slick tips will keep you from forking over $119 for a Prime membership for years to come.You can aslo get amazon pime subscrptioms using free amazon gift card codes.

6 Brilliantly Slick Ways to Get Free Amazon Prime

1. Get 1 Free Month of Prime if Package Arrives Late

If you’re a current Prime member, and your package doesn’t arrive within the 2-day guaranteed window, you need to start holding Amazon’s “feet to the fire”.

In many cases, when this happens, Amazon will extend to you 1 free month of Amazon Prime as a peace offering. The free month won’t kick in until your current Prime membership expires, which is way cool.

To make it happen, simply contact Amazon customer service and politely explain the situation. If they won’t give you a free Prime extension they should at the very least give you a $5 credit added to your account.

2. 30-Day Free Trial Expired?

Out of curiosity, I started a live chat session with Amazon  and asked how many free 30-day Prime trials a user was eligible for.

I figured they’d say one per email address or one per mailing address.

Much to my surprise, she confirmed that you can simply open a new Amazon account after your 30-day free Prime trial expires and “then try the Prime on that account”.

You’ll need a different email address to open a new Amazon account, but that’s not a problem for most shoppers.

The Amazon rep also informed me that if you don’t renew your Prime membership after your trial period ends, they’ll typically email you another free trial opportunity after a certain amount of time.You can also use free amazon gift card codes list 2019

Buyer beware on this one. This loophole surely won’t last very long and has the long term unintended consequences of Amazon raising the cost of their Prime membership and offering poorer customer service overall.

BTW, before you ask, my wife’s name is Aimee and her name is on our Amazon account.

3. Snag Free Prime With Sprint Cell Plan

Another smart way to get free Amazon Prime is to check out Sprint wireless.

They recently launched a new cell phone plan that includes a free 12-month Amazon Prime membership. The plan is called the Amazon Better Choice XXL plan and is available to both new and current Sprint customers.

If you’re already with Sprint, or considering switching providers, it’s definitely a great way to get Amazon Prime for free.

According to Sprint exec, Roger Sole, “Combining America’s fastest LTE network with Amazon Prime’s array of quality entertainment is an amazing benefit for our customers.”

Here’s how to make it happen:

  1. Visit, call 1-(800)-SPRINT1 or go to the nearest Sprint store to sign up for Sprint Better Choice XXL with Amazon Prime included.
  2. After signing up for Sprint Better Choice XXL data tier, the customer will receive a text message with an activation link to complete Amazon Prime registration.
  3. Once registration is complete, the customer can immediately begin to enjoy all the benefits of Amazon Prime.
  4. Customers can also access preloaded or downloaded Amazon apps for easy access to Prime content on compatible smartphones.

4. Some AmEx Cards Come with Free Amazon Prime

If you’re looking to open a new American Express card, are you aware you may be eligible for a free year of Amazon Prime?

The AmEx card that looks especially promising is the Blue Cash Everyday Card as it has no annual fee and offers an awesome 10% cash back on all of your Amazon purchases for the first 6 months.

Call AmEx to check on your eligibility and then just click here to redeem your promotional code that will give you 1 free year of Amazon Prime. If you’re already a Prime member, Amazon will automatically start your free year once your current Prime membership expires.

5. Join Amazon Student and Score 6 Free Months of Prime

As many of you know I’m a huge fan of Amazon Student. I think it’s a real no-brainer for college students.

Who wouldn’t love a free 6-month Prime trial and a slick way to cut down significantly on your entertainment and digital reading costs?

To qualify, all you need is an Amazon account, a .edu email address, and be enrolled in at least one college course located within one of the 50 United States, the District of Columbia, or Puerto Rico.

What exactly will you get? Every thing that comes with Prime EXCEPT Prime Music and the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library.

Once your 6-month trial expires, you’ll have the option to sign-up for Amazon Prime only $49 a year for up to 4 years.

6. Skip Prime Altogether and Still Score Free Shipping

Perhaps the best way to get Amazon Prime for free is to simply not fork over the $99 annually and still get free shipping.

Guess what? Amazon already offers free shipping on $35 or more, ($25 on books) a threshold that’s much lower than most online retailers. Many of which require you to spend $75 or $99 to qualify for free delivery.

Clever Hack Alert: If your Amazon order falls just short of the minimum order required for free shipping, simply add a “pre-order” item to your cart to get over the hump.

You’ll get your entire order shipped for free and then you can cancel your “pre-order” item before it gets shipped and not be charged.Amazon gift card code is also used to buy membershp on amazon store.

Don’t do this too often or you run the risk of Amazon catching on and making you pay for the pre-order items, or worse case, cancelling your account.

Bonus #1: Use TopCashBack to Get $15 Off Prime

OK, I realize this tip won’t get you Amazon Prime for free, but $15 off your Prime membership is nothing to laugh at.

When you use the cash back website TopCashBack, and purchase Prime, you’ll get a free $15 Amazon gift card.

So basically you get 1-year of Prime for $84 instead of $99 for a couple minutes of your time.

Definitely worth it, especially if you can use TopCashBack to get money back on all of your online shopping moving forward.

It’s worth noting that this offer excludes current Prime members as well as Amazon Student members.

Bonus #2: Apply for Amazon Prime Rewards Visa

The new Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card pays you 5% back via reward points on all of your Amazon purchases.

So basically if you order at least $165 from Amazon every month, this Prime Rewards card will pay for your $99 annual membership every year. This card is a no-brainer if you fall into this category.

Bonus #3: Score a Free 2-Month Prime Trial

A couple days before your free 30-day Prime trial is set to expire go into your account and cancel Prime.

Amazon will then ask you if you want to try another 30-days for free. Just click “Yes” and you’re good to go with Prime for another 30 days.

Ask the Reader: Have you ever found a way to get free Amazon Prime for an extended period of time? If so, let me know your strategy in the comments below.